gabriel gettman is a young british-american director, whose award-winning work
explores the power of femininity as a gateway to the dark realms of the unconscious.

signed at age twenty-three to one of the world's most renowned production companies, he began
his career shooting fashion commercials in paris. this commercial work was featured by Vogue, Purple,
Elle, W, Hunger, Wonderland, 1883, Volt and Sunday Times Style, at London Fashion Week, ASVOFF,
Cannes, TIFF, Bokeh and the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, and in live performances by CocoRosie.

now, after three years classical directing training at the Drama Centre at Central Saint Martins,
for which he received first class honours, gabriel has moved into narrative cinema, enlivening his richly
aesthetic worlds with intensely skilful performances and a distinctively dark poetic voice.

his debut short Caecilia is currently competing at festivals worldwide, while he develops his next
fiction film - a post-apocalyptic tale of madness, addiction and witchcraft starring three real-life sisters.

c a e c i l i a

17-minute short film

a blind, feral girl is taken in at a desolate medieval monastery in this psychological drama-horror,
based on an ancient japanese myth.

winner of jury prize during its world premiere at the museum of photographic arts in california.
opening film at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2017 and closing film for the midnight programme
at Virginia Film Festival.

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c o m m e r c i a l   s h o w r e e l

a selection of advertising and music work from paris

© gabriel gettman
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